Corporate History



  • Change company name : HYULIMROBOT

in 2018~in 2019


  • Select the project to develop entry-level digital companion for improvement of the quality and life of the aged

  • Build the 2nd factory (build system module production line and start mass production)

  • Copyright Contract of Japan Techno System
    (Water System, Food System, Renewable System)

in 2015~in 2017

in 2017

  • Develop AI Curation Service Robot

  • A Supply Contract of Display Manufacturing Equipment(Vietnam Samsung)

  • Investment in 'junghaejineung manufacture of equipment limited company'

  • Achieve the best sales(70 billion won) since its foundation and turn into surplus

  • Develop ETHERCAT based industrial robot controller

in 2016

  • Develop smart actuator

  • Complete DRA series line-up of standard group

  • Select the project to develop next-generation manufacturing robot for sharing of worker space and application of smart factory

in 2015

  • High speed parellel type robot technology introduction conclusion of a contract(Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

  • Obtain order Service Robot basically Cloud Service

  • Change company name : DST Robot / Change the location of a head office(Cheonan)

in 2007~in 2014

in 2013

  • SKT Atti release

in 2012

  • Receiving the president prize MKE - Intelligence Robot technology

  • High specification Smart servo, Hovis Eco

  • UMOTION controller, new SCARA, DTR-M release

in 2111

  • Hovis Lite release

  • Complete Cheonan Factory - Change company name : Dongbu Robot

in 2010

  • Take over AITEC

  • Launch of Dongbu Robot

in 2009

  • Tasks in Smart project : Robot Application

  • Standard WTR development

in 2008

  • Small clean Scara robot release

in 2007

  • Information and Communication prime minister Prize

  • Change the company name as Dasa Robot

in 2001~in 2006

in 2006

  • KOSDAQ directly listing the initial field of Robot

  • Specialized Parts Company

  • Move Bucheon Techno Park

  • Participation in national robot

in 2005

  • Superb venture company Prize

  • Pet robot_Genibo development

in 2003

  • Multi axis motion controller release,

  • the selection of technology innovation company(INNO-BIZ)


  • Shanghai corporation establishment

  • Prime minister priz for superb capital re development, GD mark acquisition

in 2001

  • CE certication for Motion controller

  • Venture company verification

in 1999~in 2000

in 2000

  • Work place movement to 'kayangdong'

  • Cartesian and Desktop robot development

in 1999

  • Dasa tech establishment