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Manufacturing Robots &
Robot-applied System
R&D Strategies

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Robot language technology
  • Robotic interaction language designing and interpretation

  • Three-dimensional interpolation and spline interpolation

Servo control technology
  • AC servo, Linear servo and step motor control

Embedded control system designing technology
  • Embedded hardware designing

  • Real-time, multitasking software designing

Robot structure/dynamics analysis technology
  • Kinematic analysis of robot mechanism

  • Dynamic analysis of robots

Wafer handling robot technology
  • Designing of precise positioning systems

  • Clean class maintenance and control

LCD cleaning robot technology
  • Designing and production of glass-washing roll brushes

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Service Robots
Core Technologies

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Sensor fusion technology
  • Vision sensing and tracking, and sound source localization

  • Real-time sensor information fusion

Locomotive mechanism technology
  • Robot kinematics designing and production

  • Vibration analysis

Navigation technology
  • Self-localization

  • Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance algorithm

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    HYULIM Robot Key

  • Simultaneously controlled
    8-axis robot controller

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  • Korea's first
    emotional pet robot

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  • 플러스 이미지

    Tiwin-X type
    desktop robot

  • 플러스 이미지

    12" wafer handling