Customer Inquiry

How can I contact you yo service my product purchased from you?

Please fill out the customer inquiry form at the bottom of the current page and we'll be back to you soon.

When can I receive your answers to my questions asked through Customer Inquiry?

Please list up your question on Customer Inquiry board, and we’ll answer to your question within three working days.
Note that you will send information on the expected date of replying and the contact personnel to your email address entered when listing up your question.

You cannot access the questions and answer listed up in Customer Inquiry menu.

Customer Inquiry Free Board is open and available for every customers. Please refer to the e-mail address you entered.

How can I contact you if I want to buy roobot?

You can contact any of Hyulim Robot offices, distributors or overseas agents for product purchase.
Please select and contact a nearby one in the Homepage menu “Customer Support – For Industrial – Special Agencies”. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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